Educational Resources

The following FactFiles were commissioned by the Mawson’s Huts Foundation with the assistance of a grant from Department of the Environment, Community Heritage and Icons Grants.  They are free to download and used as part of your schools curriculum.


Mawson-FactFile01 Sir Douglas Mawson

Mawson-FactFile02Mawsons men

Mawson-FactFile03 Dogs in Antarctica

Mawson-FactFile04 Mawsons Huts

Mawson-FactFile05 Antarctic Map

Mawson-FactFile06 Antarctic Territory and Treaty

Mawson-FactFile07 Antarctic Facts and Animals final

Mawson-FactFile08 Antarctic Geology and Dinosaurs

Mawson-FactFile09 Science and Climate final

School acceptance form for penguin display

Penguins of the World-small

Letter for Penguin packs